We live and raise our kids on and around farms. Their safety and the safety of our neighbors is important to us.

So, we create our products with safety for people, animals, and crops in mind.

Easy to use.

Safe to use.

Highly effective too.

Cleaning Agent


Our products support standard pressure washers with a screw on “foamer”. This allows you to using existing equipment. Our approach saves money, builds on end user familiarity, and easily converts back to a standard pressure washer.


Our products have been formulated so safety is built in and safety has been confirmed by third-party experts and regulatory agencies.

Hard Water is NO problem

Our special chelating agents remove the interference of water dissolved minerals. We’re located in SE South Dakota where you can chip your teeth on a glass of water. Seriously, we’re very familiar with the challenge hard water brings to cleaning equipment.

No need for water softeners or additional gizmos and chemicals.

Safe for the entire family

No dangerous chemicals or fumes. Attach the foam cannon and spray away! Washes off dirt and grease.

Simply apply SURF or other Poseidon products using Foam Cannon. As fast as you can remove the Foam Cannon and replace your valve, you can power wash clean!

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